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To provide customers with Peace-of-Mind when buying a used car

Goo KANTEI is a neutral car inspection service offered by Car Credo, PROTO Corporation's biggest subsidiary. Its top-notch expertise has been used for hundreds of thousands of Goo KANTEI vehicle inspections for both used and pre-owned vehicles in Japan since 2006. Goo KANTEI is available in Japan, Taiwan and now in Malaysia.

Goo KANTEI can be used when buying used car

Buying a car can be a daunting & intimidating journey. Goo KANTEI is designed to help you by providing professional car inspection, so you can make the right choice.

What is Goo KANTEI all about?

Japan's top car inspection service now in Malaysia. We are here to:

  • To help car buyers in making a smart calculated decision in purchasing a used / pre-owned car
  • To give accurate & unbiased assessment of used / pre-owned car

How can Goo KANTEI work for you?

If you are in any of the situation below, no worries because we are here to give you a peace of mind in your quest in owning a used / pre-owned car

First time car buyer

Buying a car for the first time can be intimidating. Let us help you by providing you with the necessary information, so you can get a good purchase.

Distance from the car

Don't let distance stop you from buying your dream car. Let us inspect on behalf of you & show you the report. Vehicle to be inspected must be within Klang Valley*

Unsure about the car's condition

Not sure if all the information provided by the seller is accurate or having doubts in your own assessment of the car? Call us now at 011 1722 6784

Call in the experts

You are experts in your respective fields of works. Let the car inspection experts assist you in buying the right car

What can Goo KANTEI detect?

repair history

Repair history

touch up history

Touch up history

damages on frame

Damages on frame

Flooded history

Flooded history

Engine fault code

Engine fault code

Frequently Asked Questions

Did not find the answer you are looking for?
Just drop us an email at gookantei_supportproto-g.my or call us at 011 1722 6784


What is the merit of Goo KANTEI?

Buyer can get to know the details of the car condition which they might buy such as accident repairs and/or part replacement history. Goo KANTEI make it possible for buyer to eliminate risk and make decision with confidence on buying cars.

How much does it cost to get my car inspected by Goo KANTEI?

RM220 (exclusive of GST) for all types of passenger vehicles and all makes/models.

How long does it take to arrange an inspection with Goo KANTEI?

Appointment would be subjected to the dealer's circumstance, promptness in payments and accommodating to other appointments on that date. Rest assured that we will do our best to arrange your request as soon as possible.

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Do Goo KANTEI sell car as well?

No, we don't. We only attend inspection service to buyer as a third party organization.

Does Goo KANTEI give opportunities to car buyers to buy cheaper cars?

It's up to the seller on how much they want to sell the car for. Goo KANTEI does not take any control over their price policies.


Are all cars eligible to undergo computer diagnosis?

Not all. Normally we can undergo computer diagnosis on vehicle which is less than approx 10 years old. To say specifically, eligibility is subject to whether vehicle has OBD Ⅱ connector or not. We're highly recommend you to enquire with us if cars is eligible for computer diagnosis before booking.

Does Goo KANTEI inspection conduct test drives?

No. To prevent unforeseen circumstances or taking unnecessary risks, we conduct all inspections without dismantling any parts or test driving.

Can Goo KANTEI identify the true mileage of the car? (Meter tempering)

Regrettably, we would NOT be able to verify the actual mileage. Only through proprietary (brand) softwares, the actual mileage can be determined. We recommend that potential buyers bring the car to the official service center, to verify the mileage.

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Can Goo KANTEI identify a flood damaged vehicle?

Yes. Indeed, we can also identify vehicles with major/minor accident repairs and/or part replacement history as well.

How does Goo KANTEI score the rating of inspected cars?

Ratings are scored by deducting points by the size and class of the damage.


What are differences between mechanics & Goo KANTEI?

Auto mechanics are specialists, particularly in the engine aspect of the car. Generally, their main role is on auto maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, Goo KANTEI inspectors are specially trained to inspect the overall conditions of the car. Aside from just the engine bay, Goo KANTEI also inspect the overall exterior, interior and most importantly, the frame of the car. Our objective is to check for areas which are deemed critical in a car buying/selling process. Goo KANTEI inspectors undergo a rigorous 18 months training under JAAA to qualify as a vehicle inspector.

What does "Goo" & "KANTEI" mean?

Goo is a brand of PROTO CORPORATION, Japanese company listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange. This company is running one of the largest used car classified media Goo Magazine & Goo-net in Japan. KANTEI or “鑑定” is a Japanese word meaning inspection, verification, check, appraisal.

Where does Goo KANTEI operate?

The vehicle to be inspected must be within the Klang Valley (T&C apply).

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What are the difference between PUSPAKOM & Goo KANTEI?

PUSPAKOM execute inspection after car buying as a compulsory step for all buyer. On the other hand, Goo KANTEI inspection offers thorough inspection before buying, by eliminating risks through objective findings from our inspection.

Can car buyers expect any guarantees from Goo KANTEI when they buy the car inspected by Goo KANTEI inspectors?

No, we do not provide any guarantees nor warranty.

Goo KANTEI Inspection Criteria

Goo KANTEI’s qualified inspectors looks for any form of defects, be it wear & tear to signs of poor damage repairs that may have been done. Once the car’s exterior, interior & vital components have been inspected thoroughly, the inspector prepares a certification that contains his unbiased evaluation and rating of the vehicle.

Up to 344 points are checked by our experienced & certified inspectors from Japan. Goo KANTEI uses a star () based system for a clear understanding. With indicating the best condition and being the least perfect condition. A summary rating on each area of inspection will be shown with this star rating system in the certificate (U-car Grading Report). Goo KANTEI assures that its inspections will give you complete confidence that the car you’ve got your eyes on is mechanically & structurally sound.

Goo KANTEI Check List
Goo KANTEI check list
Goo KANTEI certificate
U-car Grading Report

Area of inspection

Goo KANTEI area of inspection EXTERIOR


Focusing on the vital parts & sheetmetal condition

Goo KANTEI area of inspection ENGINE


A clean & healthy engine is our top priority for all

Goo KANTEI area of inspection INTERIOR


Ensuring all knobs, buttons & aesthetics are in full working order

Goo KANTEI area of inspection FRAME


Safeguarding on the chassis & underbody works of the car

Price Package




Normal rate


Inspect in a day to get this offer


Inspect ≥ in a day to get this offer
This package is valid until the end of December 2017
Terms & Condition

Steps to apply Goo KANTEI

Book Goo KANTEI via online

Arrange an appointment

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Make decision

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Terms & Conditions
  1. 100 inspection packages available. First come first serve basis
  2. Bookings Monday to Friday from 0900 - 1700
  3. Inspection available Monday to Sunday from 0900 - 1600
  4. On weekends(Saturday & Sunday), we can only conduct inspection within 15KM radius from Mid Valley City
  5. Price not inclusive of 6% GST
011 1722 6784
Appointment would be subjected to the dealer’s circumstance, promptness in payments and accommodating to other appointments on that date. Rest assured that we will do our best to arrange your request as soon as possible.

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Goo KANTEI is excellent! It gives us and our customers the confidence to do business

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Mr Wai Smart S Auto Trading Sdn Bhd

Goo KANTEI is like artisans, it's bias free inspection will give us and to all the customers worry free, peace of mind car buying experience!

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Goo KANTEI gives our customers the trust in buying quality used cars.

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Goo KANTEI gives confidence to our customers as well as the trust towards us as a car dealer.

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Mr Chris Rintis Malay Motors Sdn Bhd

I am impressed with the inspector expertise, when they told me that the front left side of the passenger door has been replace before. It's amazing how sharp and attentive that the inspectors are able to spot that out.

Goo KANTEI's customer
Mr Eric Gan Toyota Estima Owner

My husband recently bought his BMW from a used car dealer, and so far the car is in great condition, just as rated by Goo KANTEI inspectors

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Pn Aznah BMW 320i owner


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