Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the merit of Goo KANTEI ?

Buyer can get to know the details of the car condition which they might buy such as accident repairs and/or part replacement history. Goo KANTEI make it possible for buyer to eliminte risk and make decision with confidence on buying cars.

Q2. Can Goo KANTEI identify a flood damaged vehicle?

Indeed, we can also identify vehicles with major/minor accident repairs and/or part replacement history as well.

Q3. How much does it cost to get my car inspected by Goo KANTEI?

RM220 (exclusive of GST) for all types of passenger vehicles.

Q4. Where does Goo KANTEI operate?

The vehicle to be inspected must be within the Klang Valley (T&C apply).

Q5. How long does it take to arrange an inspection with Goo KANTEI?

Waiting time would be subject to the dealer’s circumstance, promptness in payments and accommodating to other appointments on that date. Rest assured that we will do our best to arrange your request as soon as possible.

Q6. Do Goo KANTEI sell car as well ?

No, we don't. We only attend inspection service to buyer as third party organisation.

Q7. How does Car Credo (CC) score Goo KANTEI cars? What is the difference between scores in EXTERIOR and INTERIOR?

CC decides the scores by deducting points by size and class of the damage. In Japan, CC inspects more than 300,000 vehicles nowadays. The total accumulated cars inspected is more than 1.4 million. This accumulated database produces the statistically relevant logic, that is CC’s only-one strength, to appraise used cars in fair ways.

Q8. Does Goo KANTEI give opportunities to car buyers to buy cheaper cars?

It is up to dealers how much they sell cars. Goo KANTEI does not take any control over their price policies.

Q9. What are differences between workshop workers and Goo KANTEI Inspectors? What kinds of training do inspectors take?

Inspector look into cars to find out any disadvantages to appraise them with clear logic. Inspectors have taken education of car knowledge and learn how to inspect damages. It takes about half a year or a whole year for trainees to pass the exam which JAAA makes.

Q10. Can car buyers expect any guarantees from Goo KANTEI when they buy the car inspected by Goo KANTEI inspectors?

No, we do not provide any guarantees nor warranty.

Q11. What does "Goo" and "KANTEI" mean?

Goo is a brand of PROTO CORPORATION, Japanese company listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange. This company has run its one of the largest used car classified media Goo Magazine and Goo-net in Japan. KANTEI or “鑑定” is a Japanese word meaning inspection, verification, check, appraisal.