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Get a neutral, unbiased & professional service for buyer’s peace of mind.

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Steps to apply Goo KANTEI

1.Contact us

Found the car of your dream car? Call us and provide us with the necessary information about yourself, the car and its location.

2.Our inspectors will meet you

Our trained Japanese inspectors will meet you and perform their 344 point inspection on the car, at the arranged time and place.

3.You will receive your certification

We will send you the official Goo KANTEI certification in two working days after the inspection. The certification contains detailed information of the car’s actual condition.

4.Make the decision

At this point, it is up to you to make the decision to make the purchase.

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Goo KANTEI's customer

Mr Wai Smart-S Auto Trading Sdn Bhd

Goo KANTEI is excellent! It gives us and our customers the confidence to do business

Goo KANTEI's customer

Mr Erick Beau Car Station Sdn Bhd

Goo KANTEI is like artisans, it's bias free inspection will give us and to all the customers worry free, peace of mind car buying experience!

Goo KANTEI's customer

Mr Gary Wellcar Auto Sdn Bhd

Goo KANTEI gives our customers the trust in buying quality used cars.

Goo KANTEI's customer

Mr Chris Rintis Malay Motors Sdn Bhd

Goo KANTEI gives confidence to our customers as well as the trust towards us as a car dealer.

Goo KANTEI's customer

Mr Eric Gan Toyota Estima Owner

I am impressed with the inspector expertise, when they told me that the front left side of the passenger door has been replace before. It's amazing how sharp and attentive that the inspectors are able to spot that out.

Goo KANTEI's customer

Pn Aznah BMW 320i owner

My husband recently bought his BMW from a used car dealer, and so far the car is in great condition, just as rated by Goo KANTEI inspectors.


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